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Application rate:
Apply 1 gallon per 10 acres 3 to 4 times per year.

2 Soil Particles bonded by a polyssacaride chain.

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Chlamydomonas is a green soil algae capable of producing profuse quantities of extracelluar polysaccharide, also called biopolymer.

To the algae, the polysaccharide acts as a sheath to protect it from drying out. More important however is the effect on soil structure conferred by the chemical nature of the polysaccharide sheath Chalamydomanas.

The effect is to bind together soil particles that were disassociated by the mechanical action of farm tools. The positive results of the conditioning effect include:

* Increased yields of 5-15%
* Water savings as high as 45%
* Increased fuel efficiency
* Reduced erosion
* Reduced salt levels
* Improved aeration, leading to lower incidence of root disease
* Increases availability of nutrient ions to plants through chelation


  Blue-green algae are microorganisms capable of biological nitrogen fixation, the process whereby gaseous nitrogen is taken from the air and reduced to forms usable by algae and available to plants.

The proces is the same as that which takes place within the nodules of legumes, except that the blue-green algae are free-living and not dependent on any particular host plant. Whereas the energy for nitrogen fixation algae provide their own energy from photosyntheses on the soil surface.

Large cells within the blue-green algae are called heterocysts, they are the special factories within which gaseous nitrogen is first converted to ammonia and then incorporated into organic forms.

Depending on soil condition and levels of pesticides, the blue-green algae will reproduce to about the same extent as CHLAMYDOMONAS and provide from 30-200 lbs. of nitrogen per acre per year.

Apply 1 gallon per 10 acres 3-4 times a year.

  Soil Spray Aid, Inc.
2439 Jakes Place
Moses Lake, WA 98837-8636