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Re-Veg 86


Government Division
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Re-Veg 86 TM
Land Reclamation

Re-Veg 86 is a highly concentrated
and uniform product.

Re-Veg 86 is specifically formulated with major, minor, micro and macro elements together with vitamins, minerals, growth relating extracts, enzymes, growth and soil promoting organisms.

Providing the seed with the highest quality of seed nutrition, Re-Veg 86 is a proportional balance of nutrients and growth promoting elements, designed for better germination, improved root development and produces a more viable plant.

The Re-Veg 86 nutrient package improves soil conditions, microbial growth and is a natural food source essential for optimum plant growth.

Chelated elements blended in Re-Veg 86 are designed to resist complexing, allowing the time release of nutrients, both quickly and long term.

Re-Veg 86 is a complete balanced product for plant revegetation and soils.

Value and Benefits of Re-Veg 86
Improves Root Structure
Helps Control Soil Erosion
Improves Seedling Vigor and Growth
Both Short and Long Term Nutrition
Mineral and Vitamin Source
Environmentally Friendly
Cost Effective and Easy to Use

(See label for nutritional facts and application).

  Soil Spray Aid, Inc.
2439 Jakes Place
Moses Lake, WA 98837-8636