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Garden division

We believe for plants to have maximum yields, blossoms and growth they need to be supplied with a complete source of elements and nutrients. These essential nutrients need to be available in a safe and easy to use form.

Soil Spray Aid, Inc. products are a non-toxic, biodegradable plant food and soil builder for plants, lawns and root feeding. These products offer a complete nutrient and element balance needed for maximum growth. These formulas are water soluble, making nutrients readily available for the immediate use by the plant.

Our products work with nature.

 Garden Prod Stage 1

This formula produces fast results on young plants.

Garden Prod Stage 1 helps to build stronger, larger and healthier plant stock and roots which are needed to achieve high yields of fruits and vegetables.

Apply Stage 1 at first signs of foliage growth.

 Garden Prod Stage 2

This unique formula is for blossom set. We formulated Garden Prod Stage 2 high in phosphate to stimulate setting the blossoms on garden plants.

Stage 2 is recommended at the first signs of blossoms.

 Garden Prod Stage 3

This formula is designed to increase the setting of fruits, pods, tubers, etc.
Apply Garden Prod Stage 3 when the plants are about 70% bloom and 30% fruit.

  Soil Spray Aid, Inc.
2439 Jakes Place
Moses Lake, WA 98837-8636