Soil Spray Aid, Inc.
2439 Jakes Place
Moses Lake, WA 98837-8636

Soil Spray Aid, Inc. has a license agreement for patent number 7001869.

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Soil Spray Aid, Inc.

Products are a natural solution for a growing problem.

Soil Spray Aid, Inc. located in central Washington State, manufactures, distributes and markets a full line of agricultural, home and garden products.

For more than a quarter century our products:

  • Improve soil conditions
  • Increase plant quality
  • Increase plant yeilds
  • Better seed germination
  • Reduced plan stress during weed control
  • Better weed control
  • Healthier environment
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly
  • Soil Spray Aid, Inc has over 32 years of expertise in the production of farm, rehab and home and garden products. We were the first in many of these fields and set the standards for others.

    Consumers have put their faith and trust in the high standards established by Soil Spray Aid, Inc. and in their superior products.

    Soil Spray Aid, Inc's products surpass all state imposed levels of toxicity and heavy metals and are non-toxic, safe for our environment and state approved.

    Soil Spray Aid, Inc. is continuously researching and developing new environmentally safe, non-toxic products to improve the growing needs of our industry and environment.

      Soil Spray Aid, Inc.
    2439 Jakes Place
    Moses Lake, WA 98837-8636